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Small Businesses Call Us When... 

  •  Security Becomes A Priority
  • Software Isn't Doing What The Salesperson Said It Would
  • The Printer Worked Yesterday, But Not Today
  • The Internet Is Slow
  • You've Tried Unplugging It and Plugging It Back In

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Technology Should Help Your Business Grow,

Not Be A Headache


Whether you're managing external communication with customers or internal communication with your team, we've got a solution that will make sure you're heard load and clear 


Your end users may be your largest security risk. We'll create systems, processes and security awareness trainings to make sure they don't accidentally send money to a Nigerian prince.


Today, it's rare that people only work at their desks in their offices. We can help make sure that the email and systems you need are at your fingertips even from your bass boat.

The RedRover Process 

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We'll discuss your business and your hopes for your technology.

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Based on your goals and the size of your team, we'll put together a custom proposal for your business.

Grow Your Business

We'll take it from here so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Why Trust RedRover

Smart business owners know that having streamlined technology is essential to the success of their business. But sadly, most small businesses rely on their office manager or nephew to take care of their computers. If your technology — your internet, your email, your phone, or your software — is causing you to pull your hair out, you’re not able to focus on your business. Your business needs you!

That’s where we come in.

At RedRoverIT, we get it. You don’t have time to manage everything on top of unplugging the router and troubleshooting why Megan’s printer keeps crashing.

You nor that nephew have spent the last 15 years helping businesses across south Mississippi solve business problems with technology.

When you’re done pulling your hair out, give us a call.

We're Small, But Mighty

Like you, we're a small business. We get to do things the way we think they should be done-- you won't be waiting on us to "run it up the ladder" to any big dogs.

Our Pricing Is Simple

We charge one monthly rate. We'll get all of your systems working, solve any problem you run into and continually look for things to improve on month after month.

We'll Come Right Over

"RedRover, RedRover, send help right over!" Is something not working? Call us. No outsourced call center. No automated menu.

Still Have Questions? 

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